Born in Canada and raised in England, I write well but I sure sound funny. Despite a grammar school education and endless elocution threats from my mother, I speak neither the Queen’s English nor that of my home and native land. I’m a hybrid, plain and simple. Thankfully, I make my living as a copywriter, not a speaker.

I discovered my passion for copywriting in 1997 when I joined the communications team at Yahoo! Canada. It was there I first dabbled in writing sales kits, press releases, online promotions and video scripts.

Seeking a change of subject, I made the move to a Toronto-based PR agency where I developed communications for 20th Century Fox, Fisher-Price and Mattel.

Ready for serious business, I set aside playthings and joined Rogers Publishing as a copywriter/promotion associate, writing trade ads, web content and sales collateral for Canadian Business and PROFIT Magazine.

In 2001, I made my best career move; I decided to explore the world of freelance. This choice has given me the privilege of collaborating with great creative directors, marketing executives and entrepreneurs while building a portfolio that includes direct mail, online content, print advertising, editorial, radio and more.

Copywriting aside, I have never wanted to go to India, but I have always wanted to want to go to India; I enjoy drinking red wine and eating small, over-priced plates of posh food; and I have an insane attention to detail that frequently annoys friends and family, but I’m yet to hear a client complain.

Who exactly are my clients? Find out here.